During the conference, three plenary panels will run, respectively focusing on: the foundations of media industries research, the current state of the field, and the opportunities and challenges of research interactions between the academic and media industries communities.
On this note, we are pleased to announce an exciting line-up of esteemed plenary speakers.

Georgina Born (Oxford University)
Stuart Cunningham (Queensland University of Technology)
David Hesmondhalgh (University of Leeds)
Annette Hill (Lund University)
Jennifer Holt (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Joe Khalil (Northwestern University in Qatar)
Ramon Lobato (RMIT University)
Bernard Miege (Université Grenoble Alpes)
Graham Murdock (Loughborough University)
Alisa Perren (University of Texas, Austin)
Alison Preston (Ofcom)
Ulrike Rohn (Tallinn University)
Janet Staiger (University of Texas, Austin)
Justin Wyatt (University of Rhode Island)